• Tiny Jans

    Tiny Jans

    HR Manager at Seco Jabro

    Jill has proven to be an enthusiastic, dedicated language trainer who succeeded in connecting the theoretics with daily business needs.

    All trainees, from operational technicians till managerial level, enjoy her way of teaching and are very faithfull in attending the lessons and doing their homework. As a company we're very pleased with the results.

  • Frank van Bree

    Frank van Bree

    Sales at Salzgitter Mannesmann Precisie B.V. - Business Unit Energy

    Jill is a very dedicated an experienced English teacher who I've worked with the last year.

    I followed the course Business English Cambridge (Vantage) and I have learned a lot of pratical and theoretical knowlegde from her which I'm using in my specialism on a daily basis. The lessons I took were always very interesting, educational and with a touch of British humor of course. At this time she is teaching colleagues from other departments within our company such as; Finance, Logistics, Human Resource and Technical department. I would definitively recommend her to companies doing business with partners in the English language because I'm very satisfied with the results I have achieved.

  • Dion van Rooij

    Dion van Rooij

    Sales - Business Unit Energy Salzgitter Mannesmann Precisie B.V.

    I have done a personal training Cambridge Business Benchmark English with Jill and it has been really helpful, because i am the contactperson for the English speaking market within our company.

    Jill, who is native English herself, is a very dedicated and cheerful teacher and i have really enjoyed her schooling and i learned very fast. The schooling is very helpful for my day-to-day correspondence with our clients. I can recommend Jill to any person or company in need of a good personal training in the English language.

  • Jan Theelen

    Jan Theelen

    Safety Engineer Radboud University Nijmegen

    Jill is a very good private trainer in the English language.

    She used the examples I brought in which I had problems with, specially technical English. I can recommend Jill to anyone who wants to raise his English to a higher level.


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I have done a personal training Cambridge Business Benchmark English with Jill and it has been really helpful.


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