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This is the time of year that those going on holiday abroad suddenly remember their well-intentioned resolutions to learn or brush-up their language skills before they go! If your target language is either French, German, Italian, Portugese or Spanish then I can thoroughly recommend Duolingo (although you do need English as translations are done into this language). The Wall Street Journal named it 'the best free language learning app', and it is certainly the best I have come across.


This neat little app allows  you to start your study at the level that suits you and strengthens your language acquisition by guiding you through a series of exercises. You may have to translate a small passage, type in what you hear, practice speaking, fill in the blanks etc. Each skill level is short and fun to do and if you lose all your lives you have to repeat in order to go on.  I’ve been practicing my (very basic) German and have found it quite addictive. As a teacher I emphasise to my students that ‘little and often’ is the best way to learn a language, and this app, which messages me reminders when I’ve been away too long, provides me with the perfect tool to learn at odd moments in the day.

Available for the Iphone and Android – why not give it a go?


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I have done a personal training Cambridge Business Benchmark English with Jill and it has been really helpful.


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