• 06 April

    Countable and Uncountable nouns

    What are countable and uncountable nouns? Some common nouns to watch out for in English! ... Lees verder

  • 15 September

    A basic guide to writing letters in English

    Some basic rules to use when writing a letter/e-mail in English. Some useful phrases and one or two rules. ... Lees verder

  • 28 Juni

    Duolingo App

    This is the time of year that those going on holiday abroad suddenly remember their well-intentioned resolutions to learn or brush-up their language skills before they go! If your target language is either French, German, Italian, Portugese or Spanish then I can thoroughly recommend Duolingo (althou ... Lees verder

  • 25 Juni

    False Friends

    Everyone learns English at school nowadays, as well as being flooded with it through the media in the form of pop songs, films and tv series.  Many companies have adopted English as the ‘company language’ to enable easier communication over borders. A lot of English gets ‘pick ... Lees verder

  • 25 Juni

    Germans are speaking Denglish - by borrowing words from us

    Fed up with unwieldy compound nouns, younger Germans are turning increasingly to catchy English words What sort of thing are we talking about? Examples of Denglish words include alcopop, outsourcing, lifestyle, in-house, download, lobbyist, terminal, brainstorming and wellness. They've chosen ... Lees verder


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I have done a personal training Cambridge Business Benchmark English with Jill and it has been really helpful.


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